About animals

I’m sure many of you have a favorite animal, a pet or just that insane obssession with a wild creature. Well, I have all three.

You’re welcome to share your favorite pets/animals in the comments ! ( I’m sure you have adorable pets, don’t hide them )

First, about my favorite animal isn’t much to say, since I have like tens of  favorites in the animal world, because there are so many ecosistems out there, each with it’s own beautiful or weird creatures.

I absolutely love flying lemurs, squirrels and bats. There are like the rebels of animal world. We’re used to the fact that somehow, all mammals are connected with the earth. We see a creature and expect it to run, walk, jump, swim, anything but fly; here’s the thing: this little absolutely awesome creatures just said „Screw it” and grew some kind of way to fly.



These are the lemurs. Big eyes, fluffly everything and dumb expression. What’s there not to love? Also, as a bonus, they can fly. Like superheroes.

I know, squirrels and lemurs don’t actually fly, but it’s pretty close and it’s awesome. I haven’t seen any in real life because my country isn’t on their list of favorite habitats, but I would love to own such a squirrel at some point in this life.

Actually, have you seen them? The cutest flying livings there are.


This is a squirrel and it’s also absolutely adorable.

Ok. They aren’t flying, they glide. Same thing.

Now about pets- I’m pretty good with animals, I got attacked by a dog  twice in my life and it was my fault (first time, as a kid, I tried to take away a frog the dog was playing with; also, the dog didn’t knew me; second time I scared the dog and it scared me, since it was a corner of a building and we were both in some sort of hurry).  Other than that, my  city was full of stray dogs and I ended up being friends with many of them.

Of course, most of you probably thought it wasn’t very safe for a child to play with stray dogs, but my parents couldn’t stop me, even if they tried to explain countless times how dangerous these animals could me. As a kid (and I hope, as an adult too) I wanted to see only the good in any living creature. That’s why I ended up petting frogs, mice, lizards, snakes  and bats. No, I didn’t grew up in the forest, but I had an abandoned building right across the street, our favorite playground.  That was the place where we found as kids all sorts of animals and I have to say, bats and owls were the kings there.

So, now that I grew up, I’m a bit grossed out by mice and frogs, but I would befriend a snake or a bat anytime.

You learn a lot as a child from animals; you learn about loyalty, friendship and inner beauty; or at least, I did.

There was a time were the stray dogs we had around that abandoned building were so many I couldn’t remember all their names and stopped naming them at some point.  I wasn’t the type of child other kids would enjoy playing with, I was mocked and called names and  other mean things children do. At some point, two of them wouldn’t shut up and decided to follow me home; as soon as I reached the dogs territory they just gathered around me because I was crying and sort of freaked out those two annoying classmates. That was the first day when I felt welcomed in a „community”beyond my family. I  was about seven so it was a big deal and animals kind of earned their place in my heart.  I experienced it with people too, when I grew up and decided to fuck everybody and stay true to myself, but it wasn’t as rewarding as that one time, when I was a member of a dogs pack.

Also, living in an apartment didn’t allow me to have my own pet until I was around 16-17. That’s probably why as a child I interacted with so many stray animals; I just wanted to take them home.

Now, my parents moved and they have a big yard and two dogs; I’m staying here only in holidays, since I’m studying in another city. At first I didn’t like the idea of leaving my childhood home, but I grew to like this one as well. Even if it’s weirder, now I can enjoy the company of these two adorable vaccinated, clean, loyal  friends.

Actually, one of them was a stray dog when we got him; he is friendly, small, fast and has a dumb face. We love him.

That’s him, cozy and ready to sleep.


About four months ago, my dad came home with the other dog, Freya. She is the most adorable creature I’ve ever seen and of course, she’s the princess of the house. I was a bit upset at first because I thought that she wouldn’t love me since I can’t always be around her, but hei, guess whom I’m  sharing the bed now. I had about a month to stay with her almost 24/24 and we are now best friends. She’s a beagle, so she has a lot of energy and loves to dig and chew things up, she hides socks or shoes and she’s also the cutest beggar I’ve seen.

I tried one evening to make her sit and used some treats to encourage her; it worked a little too well. Now, everytime one of us eats, she’s coming and just sits there looking at you „Hey, I’m sitting, see? Reward me!”  If you ignore her, she’ll just come closer and closer until she gets what she wants.


Despre Anny Ross

I'm pasionate about pretty much everything. I love drawing, wiriting, crafting, anything that implies imagination and mess.
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4 răspunsuri la About animals

  1. KDKH zice:

    We’ve had sugar gliders for many years. You’d like them – sort of like flying squirrels, but they are opossums and have pouches for their babies!

    Apreciat de 1 persoană

  2. SAN_jeet zice:

    flying lemur is new bird i come to know now
    Nice post


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