About reading. (Or ” why are books awesome”)

The most amazing thing about books is that you can go anywhere without getting up of the sofa. You wake up and ask yourself “What should I be today? A vampire, a werewolf, a sailor or a nasty secretary?” Then you reach the book you want and get lost in its universe. How cool is that?

You know you you found a pretty good book when you don’t want to go to sleep because it’s not over yet. An awesome book will make you forget to eat, drink or go to the bathroom and, when you finish you’ll find yourself sad that it’s over, hungry, thirsty and with a full bladder… it might sound awful, but it isn’t.

It’s even more pleasant when you enjoy the book even if it’s not written in your native language. As an example, I learned english mostly from tv-shows and books and I have to admit, Stephen King’s books are better in english than translated into my native language.
Beside that, reading it’s more personal than watching a movie or something. A movie will look the same to all, the main character will have the same hair, eyes, expressions and accent to everyone and so on. When you’re reading, all you see are words “blonde hair” , “blue eyes” and “red dress” will be pictured differently in people’s minds.  That way you have your own private show with those characters, it’s like the author talks directly with you, it becomes so intimate you may even be like “ AHA! I see what you mean!” and seem a weirdo for the people around you. It’s your lovely tall guy who falls for the girl, it’s your love story with the handsome librarian and so on. Private, personal. The kind of thing a cinema will never have.

I’m that kind of reader, the one who doesn’t hear anything that’s happening around. That’s mostly why my parents yell at me when I don’t pay attention because I’m “too caught” in the words. But honestly, we all are. My folks are readers too, many people in our family read, in fact. I guess that’s why I started, didn’t want to be left out but I ended up sinking in libraries, book stores and  online reading. I even started writing when I was like 14 and I’m still proud of what I did, but it’s pretty hard to translate so I can’t show it to you.

I don’t even know why I’m writing about books and reading and stuff, I just had the subject in my mind all day. If instead of acting all smart and all-knowing we’d grab a book and learn stuff, oh wouldn’t that be just amazing? There would be less ignorants, less stupid and proud dumbfucks, the world would be less violent and more inclined of enjoying a good story and a cup of tea/ glass of wine.

That would be it. If you don’t usually read, start doing it. It’s better than watching tv, I promise. You won’t find stupid divas showing off all day, I guarantee. It’s like working out with the brain, don’t you love the idea? And best part? You won’t move a muscle (except the ones in your eyes, but those don’t count) ~

Happy reading~


P.S. : Some of my books ~


Despre Anny Ross

I'm pasionate about pretty much everything. I love drawing, wiriting, crafting, anything that implies imagination and mess.
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  1. v zice:

    Totally agree. Reading is a free vacation.


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