Welcome back

Well, we didn’t see each other this clearly for a long time.

„Why are you so afraid of me? With me you’ll draw, you’ll write and read a hundred books. Walk with me!”

This is not the month to show your face. Go away.

„No. Let’s walk. Will this be the year you end it?”

I’ll walk, but I won’t follow.

Not this year.

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Still life. [Details IV]

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The Ladybug

I drew again, finally. This time, I chose to save from time to time, just to see the evolution of drawing 😀 So, here it is.






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He thought he had lots of friends, but never really said something important to them.

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Playing III


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Sad Casino


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What if life isn’t a quote?

I keep seeing  quotes everywhere, and sometimes, I just end up wondering why. Maybe it’s because we’re afraid to think on our own.

You’re sad? It’s ok, as long as you will find yourself in a quote written on  a random picture of a tree. It always says that your sadness is noble and pure, but what if it isnt? What if you lost a friend because you were  selfish? Oh, Dr. Seuss can help with that, out of context, of course „the ones  who matter don’t mind,and the ones who mind don’t matter”.  Again, everything seems right, because „it’s not the way you survive a storm, but how you dance in the rain” …. or not?

How can you dance when the storm fucked up your life? ‘Everything happens for a reason”Sometimes, the reason is that we dont pay attention, we’re always in a hurry, and we’re selfish. That isn’t related to „fate” or „destiny”. That’s on us, completely.

Instead of looking for approval from random helvetica letters, we should find out what our happiness look like and just go with it. Most of us are dreaming about big stuff and that’s pretty much how we end up sad and miserable.

Have you ever thought about the dose of happiness hidden in your daily coffee? Or in the morning kiss? Or even the „take care” that your mother gives to you everytime you go out? That should be happiness.Why? Because that expensive phone won’t matter when your mother is gone,or your loved one… because the sports car you drive wont get you in a happy land, but just misery and pity.

Im pretty sure there are quotes about that too, and we’d be happy to use them anytime, just to feel a bit better.Everyone thinks about how the future is going to be bright and shiny and a lady or a prince will show up, and the fairy-tale will begin. What if that future-self is so miserable and they pass just by the love of your life without noticing? Oh, but there are quotes,about missed chances and trains.

It’s ok, you could share that on facebook and everyone will be „Oh, you poor thing, i totally get you”. And thats the moment you start feeling better with yourself, even if you are the one who did something wrong. Instead of apologizing,you’ll say „they don’t deserve someone like me”, and move on. What if you are the less valuable one? What if your presence in those people’s lives was so signficant they’ll just keep missing you for years?  I bet they have some quotes too.

Because that’s what we do. We’re looking for approval, and on the internet there’s plenty.  What if, for once, we refuse to „share” or „like” a quote and actually do something? What if life isn’t a quote?

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The universe is ours, why fear it?

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